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TCS Webmail is an official email service for Tata Consultancy Services Limited employees worldwide. TCS has eliminated direct access to the individual services and brought in to one platform for the email services to all the employees.

About TCS?

Tata Consultancy Service Limited(TCS) is a multinational Information Technology organization headquartered in Mumbai, India. TCS is one of the group companies of Tata Group owned by TATA sons. It has expanded to more than forty-six countries. TCS also into manpower recruitment of both IT and ITES. TCS is apart of the Tata Group and operates in 46 countries.
TCS is now placed among the most valuable IT services brands worldwide. Tata Consultancy Services Limited provides Business solutions, Information Technology Services, and Outsourcing services. So in every department, they have a good number of employees. Thus, it becomes really hard to maintain all the things about the employees. Hence, to reduce the complexity and handle a large number of employees, the company launched an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) portal, which is known as 
TCS Ultimatix. TCS Ultimax is an amazing portal which can be used to manage the entire system of employee management. It is an official portal of Tata Consultancy Services Limited for their employees.

tcs webmail

Most of the people don’t know what is ERP portal? ERP is a business process management software that helps the company to use a system to manage the automated back office and business functions, which is related to Human resources, services and technology. Ultimatix offers a great way to manage the services like HR services, Salary Management, Timesheet, etc.

TCS provides services in IT, Banking, BPO and other analytical services with more than four lakhs qualified employees worldwide.TCS is a leading progressive service provider in India and growing rapidly in all over the world.

About the

All IT services and business solutions need that you simply check your mail usually for client inquiries and project communication from co-workers within the field. Earlier employees can access work-related emails from It was the official web address of emails of Tata consultancy services. However, the company has moved this address to a new address to offer better user experience for its employee.

Employees are to be created awareness that each one guests head to constant email system from Tata practice Services. IT infrastructure, platform solutions, and provide chain management use constant TCS Webmail login from the workplace or home place to manage their account.

If you are checking mail from your home, use a secure reference to your network before authenticating to your account. Your email and check in is holding on a personal webmail server that prompts for your login.

You will head to https://webmail.tcs com/ and establish yourself to validate within the mail system together with your TCS Webmail login issued by your supervisor. Your login includes two elements, a username and secure code.

  • Enter Username in the field.
  • Enter your account Password.
  • Click on Sign in.
  • Now enjoy official work, Before.

Tata Consultancy Service’s TCS Webmail login. This is really particulars for persons, the official website is www.webmail.tcs com that create utilize of TCS Webmail forces, get whole details for account sign in firmly.

Identify yourself with the TCS Webmail login page as a Tata practice Services worker victimization for secure mail access at home place or workplace.

You can contact your supervisor for facilitate or decision +91 (40) 6638 7045 for the business support services division to direct you on resetting your login data.

TCS Webmail Login – Access TCS Email from Mobile

With a view on secure access of email system, Tata Consultancy Services emigrated Webmail on a VPN and became difficult to access webmail outside their systems. Below is the solution for accessing emails outside their systems.

There are multiple ways from where you can access your email over any android or apple device.

Access the TCS Webmail through Citrix Receiver

  • There is an app called Citrix Receiver on the App Store and Google Play store. You can download the app and Install on your mobile device.  The app is designed to access your email, desktop and other application from your Mobile device.
  • After the successful installation, open Netscaler Gateway. It is a new login page of Tata consultancy services.
  • Enter your Ultimatix credentials to log in.
  • It will take you to webmail through Citrix receiver app.
citrix App
  • You have to select Lotus Webmail, which will take you to TCS Webmail page.
  • Enter your webmail username and password to access emails on Android or IOS device.

It will help you to access your TCS Emails outside TATA consultancy systems from any device.  However, you will not be able to access emails, which are older than three days.

TCS has created a partnership with Citrix, which will give a flawless performance. Now user can merely open Netscaler Gateway and access the emails. Now there is no need to open  With the help of Netscaler user can login into the webmail with a simple click.

TCS Webmail Recovery Steps in detail

If any employee wish to change the password or forgot the username and password of TCS webmail. At first, he should be careful of attempting it, as three wrong attempts could lock the account temporarily.

Below are the simples steps to recover your webmail TCS password:

Step 1: Login to TCS Ulimatix using the link –


Step 2: Under password management, you can reset your password – you may need to answer right recovery questions.

Step 3: Once completed, try to login with new credentials.

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